History - 1st Unit Fire & Safety

Experienced Firefighters Ensure The Safety Of Your Movie or TV Production, Crew & Set. (Fire & Medical)

Our History

1st Unit Fire & Safety was founded in the UK in 1981 by two London Firefighters, Alan Sutton and Ron Campbell. The need for this unique service was prompted after many film productions required the expertise and professional guidance often needed when shooting within the studio confines or on Location

In 1984 the set of the movie Legend shot on Pinewoods 007 Bond stage along with the set was destroyed by fire. This caused over $8 million worth of damage. Apart from the cost of the set, valuable time was lost in being unable to continue shooting the movie. Unfortunately this production had no fire protection.

Experienced firefighters can meet every fire and medical requirement you will need to ensure the safety of your movie crew and set.

1st Unit Fire & Safety (Canada) Inc. provides full coverage which is detailed to suit your needs. 1st Unit Fire & Safety (Canada) Inc. will meet with insurance companies, provide 24 hour coverage for movie sets, have fully qualified firefighters on stand-by to anticipate potential hazards, provide safety checks and give professional consultation on all aspects of fire security and safety.

Consider the potential that this company can offer you with it’s expertise, Knowledge and advice.

On a final note……..

1st. Unit Fire & Safety are The Oldest Fire Safety & Rescue Service in the Movie, TV, Commercial and Entertainment Industry’ we have been providing this service since 1981 and will continue to do so in the professional manner in which we have in over 4 decades

1st Unit Fire & Safety

We provide fire cover, protection, emergency medical service and advice to Film Units and all other
areas of the entertainment industry, whether in a studio setting or out on location.