Scott Health & Safety
Scott Health & Safety is a world leading designer of high performance respiratory protection systems and other life saving products. Scott Health & Safety is generally segmented into five key product lines including Air-Supplied Products, Air-Purifying Products, Thermal Imaging, Breathing Air Compressor Systems, and Portable and Fixed Gas detection instrumentation.

MSA is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of sophisticated products that protect people’s health and safety.

Starfield Lion
Their approach to business is based on a philosophy of values – dedication, quality, and innovation. Their pledge to you is to deliver high quality, innovative products that are built with your safety as our top priority. Your needs drive their innovations. The Starfield-Lion team constantly asks “How can this be made better and safer?”. Then, they listen to your answers and develop the solution. They have also made a commitment to their own people to provide a friendly and productive work environment where goals are met through teamwork and shared objectives. The Starfield-Lion team pulls in one direction for one reason: to make the best and safest products possible. See their complete line of products on their site or download PDFs of their product catalogues to learn more about the Starfield-Lion Advantage.

Pinewood Toronto Film Studios
One of Canada’s most respected full service film and television production facilities. Their staff are film-savvy, creative and adaptable to and on the studio lot.

Founded in 1963, Raytek designs, manufactures, markets and services a complete line of infrared, noncontact temperature measurement instruments for industrial, process control and maintenance applications. With Worldwide Headquarters in Santa Cruz, California, USA, European Headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and South American Headquarters in Sorocaba, Brazil, Raytek has also established strategic business units in Japan, China, and France, as well as distributors in over 60 countries around the world.

Cinespace Studios
Cinespace have two studio lots in Toronto, one at 777 Kipling Avenue and the other at 30 Booth Avenue. They are great people to work with and are very accommodating.

The Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a HUGE collection of movie information. They try to catalog every pertinent detail about a movie, from who was in it, to who made it, to trivia about it, to filming locations, and even where you can find reviews and fan sites on the web. They then do their best to present this information in a manner that is easy to see.